Application to Host an International Bridge Contest

Please read the pages descriping the Qualifications for International Bridge Contest Hosts, and respond appropriately to the following:
  1. Have you been the Sponsor of Regional Contest for at least three consecutive years? (Yes or No)
  2. Facilities for testing? (Briefly describe bridge testing apparatus and setup. Photographs may be useful here).
  3. Testing Procedure? (Briefly describe how the student participants and their bridges will be routed through the contest. ie., Describe the logistics you will set up to handle them.)
  4. Transportation? (Briefly describe how participants could reach your location by air from major US cities. In particular, how many connections are required, say from New York? ... from Chicago? ...from Denver?)
  5. Budget? (What amount of money do you have to run the contest?)
  6. Lodging? (Cost? Proximity to contest location?)
  7. Banquet? (Briefly describe facilities, proximity to contest location, approximate estimated total cost.)
  8. Prizes? Scholarship? (Briefly describe.)
  9. Organizing Committee? (List committee members and their institutional affiliations. Any support personnel for contest?)
  10. Contact person? (Name, address, phone numbers - work and home - of one person who would be overall coordinator for the International Contest at your location.)
  11. Wood? (Give source, how it will identified, mailed, how much.)
  12. Why do you want to host the International Contest?
  13. What is there about your regional contest that helps teachers to motivate students to take physics?

Please respond to these questions, listing and identifying them in the order listed on this page and e-mail to Prof. John Kallend, Illinois Institute of Technology.

Last update: December 24, 2009

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For further information, contact: Prof. Carlo Segre -, Illinois Institute of Technology
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