Bridge Building Guidelines for New Regions

How Can I Establish A New Region?

Up to this time, the International Bridge Building Committee has been very informal on what constitutes a Region for selecting entrants to the International Bridge Building Contest. As the contest has grown, however, many have requested written rules or guidelines for establishing Regions. Some unfairness has existed in that densely populated areas may have hundreds of schools competing in a single Region but are allowed to send only two winners to the International Bridge Contest, the same as isolated schools that may have been considering themselves alone as a local Region. The International Bridge Building Committee has adopted the following guidelines for Regions. The goal is to promote fairness and yet encourage new geographic areas to participate.
High schools, colleges, and professional organizations are encouraged to form Regions for High School Bridge Contests in accordance with the following guidelines:
  1. Only one regional contest leading to the International Contest should be held within each 150 mile radius. (Note that this guideline may be modified by those which follow.)
  2. A Region must have a minimum of 5 participating high schools (participating i.e. send at least one entry).
  3. Schools may participate in only one Region.
  4. If more than 50 high schools have participated in one regional contest then, before the next contest is held, that Region may be split into smaller non-overlapping contiguous geographic Regions as long as each new Region has at least 20 participating high schools.
  5. The two winning students from each Region will be eligible for the International Contest.
  6. STARTUP: To encourage a high school to participate for the first time, the high school may establish its own Region and hold its own regional contest subject to the following conditions:
    1. The high school has not participated in a regional contest.
    2. It is more than 150 miles from an established regional contest.
    3. The second year at least one other high school must participate in the new Region.
    4. The third year, the new Region must meet guideline 2.
  7. The International Bridge Building Committee will serve as a clearinghouse for approval of prospective Regions prior to regional competition in order to develop a fair system of regional and national competition.

These guidelines are based on input from many participants. Further suggestions are welcome. Contact:

The International Bridge Building Committee, Regions
Carlo Segre <segre at>

Last update: September 4, 2018

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For further information, contact: Prof. Carlo Segre -, Illinois Institute of Technology
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