2009 Bridge Building Contest Videos

2009 Chicago Regional Bridge Building Contest

February 13, 2009
Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago Illinois

Bridge Check-In - starting at 4:00pm, the bridges are checked for meeting specifications, including maximum mass, acceptance of loading plate and openings for 1.5 in blocks. Bridges which do not meet specifications have until 6:00pm to be modified.

Smashing Bridges I - stand judges oversee the loading of bridges until failure. The last mass placed on the loading rod does not count toward the total load held.

Smashing Bridges II - the contest continues with over 140 bridges broken in about 3 hours!

Garcher Trophy Winner - the bridge which annually holds the highest load takes the Garcher travelling trophy back to school until the 2010 contest. This year, the Garcher winner holds 84kg.

Awards Ceremony - the top four winners in each of the three Chicagoland regions is acknowledged and is awarded a trophy, a T-shirt and gift cards. The top two in each region will travel to Bellingham Washington for the 2009 International Contest in April.

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For further information, contact: Prof. Carlo Segre - segre@iit.edu, Illinois Institute of Technology
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